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With a consistent 5-Star Rating on Trip Advisor – Backcountry Journeys offers a better photography workshop experience.

We set the bar high – But don’t just take it from us! See for yourself how Backcountry Journeys sets the gold standard for outdoor photography travel. The quality of our trips & best in-class instructors speak for themselves.

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“This the third trip I’ve taken and I’m just getting started Backcountry Journeys has excellent instructors able to explain some techniques in a way that I, as a beginner, could understand and learn.”
Carrie Groveland | Madison, Wisconsin
“I love Backcountry Journeys. I think they are the best. I highly, highly, highly recommend going on their trips!”
Charlotte Pierce | San Jose, California
“Backcountry Journeys is the best. Awesome guides. Great locations. Great food on the trips. You can’t go wrong here”
John Heaton | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“A real GAME CHANGER. The way Matt, Russ & Kenton have structured these courses elevates everything…these guys take photography in general to the next level. Thanks!
Eric Wilson | West Palm Beach, Florida
“Backcountry Journeys is awesome. When they offer new trips - go!”
Margaret Horn | Seattle, Washington
“These guys are great and they really understand photo travel. I’ve been a photographer for years but traveling with Backcountry Journeys I’ve learned a lot. If you are looking to improve your photography give them a try.
John Radcliffe | Dallas, Texas
Landscape & Wildlife Photography Destinations World-Wide

Nothing compares to the rugged, untouched wilderness of the last great frontier. Join us in Alaska and photograph stunning Mountain Landscapes, Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Bald Eagles, Marine Wildlife & the Northern Lights!
Africa is a vast continent complete with the kind of natural wonders that you’ll find no place else on earth. It is here that lions, leopards, zebras, giraffe and vast herds of elephant still roam free amongst the expansive plains.
The natural world that exists in Brazil is mind-boggling. In addition to the Amazon Rainforest & Brazilian Pantanal, there are 69 national parks here; home to massive mountain ranges, incredible waterfalls and teeming with wildlife.
The Rocky Mountain states beckon to be explored with stunning landscapes & plentiful wildlife. Photograph locales include Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain & Glacier National Parks!

One of America’s first National Parks and the stomping grounds of John Muir and Ansel Adams. Nothing quite compares with experiencing the alpine beauty of Yosemite Valley in every season of the year!
Pacific Northwest
Olympic Peninsula, Mt. Rainier & Redwoods National Parks feature glacier-capped mountains and old-growth temperate rainforest. The stunning Pacific coastline has some of most picturesque landscape opportunities in the world.
What makes Backcountry Journeys different from the rest?
You have options when searching for the perfect adventure photography tour.

Run a simple internet search for “landscape and/or wildlife photography tours” and you’ll certainly be provided a lengthy list of tour companies willing and able to book you on a tour.

We at Backcountry Journeys recognize this, and while we can’t speak for the ‘other guys’ – surely they are all doing fine work – we are convinced that our photo tour experiences are simply flat out better.

We start by providing second-to-none photographic opportunities designed to get you into interesting and engaging locations.

Our trips have all been designed with meticulous care and research. Years of experience accounts for a wealth of knowledge pertaining to locations, wildlife habits (that can change depending on a variety of things that only experience can provide insight upon), and timing for the best light -which is essential for photography, as we all know. The result of this careful consideration are trips where you’ll be sure to achieve a perfect blend of the shots you know you want, and some creative and maybe lesser known vantage points as well.

But it isn’t enough to simply get you to the spots. In our opinion, there is much more to a great photo tour adventure. So, our skilled photo guides add top-notch instruction so that you can develop your skills. Our trips are intended for all skill levels, so whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out you’ll feel comfortable on any of our tours.

In order to provide this level of personal attention to each of our guests we limit tours to small groups. Doing it this way also allows for some flexibility with each days’ plan, making it more easy to adjust to conditions as well as folks’ desires.

It’s just not enough to simply see and photograph a place. Our philosophy is that thoughtful information on cultural and natural history goes a long way in providing a unique connection to the amazing locations we visit. Many of our tours visit our National Parks, which are the crown jewels of our country’s heritage and landscape. Our guides come equipped with a wealth of knowledge of the area we are visiting.

Imagine showing off your images to your friends and family back home, and being able to sprinkle in your own new knowledge of the landscape, or critter in the image, in order to add to your slideshow (trust us, your friends and family will appreciate it!).

The final ingredient is working diligently and constantly towards providing you a seamless travel experience. Backcountry Journeys trips include lodging, ground transportation, and most meals (while on the tour), as well as National Park entrance fees, expert guides, and other easily missed details essential to a successful trip. This means that once you are with us, all you have to worry about is enjoying your experience which we view as much more than just shooting photographs. We hope that our tours offer remarkable memories of time spent with nature, yourselves, and with the camaraderie of others. Things like cozy accommodations with great meals, good conversation and and easy registration process from start to finish go a long way towards simplifying things for you.

Our tours are meant to be a chance to make amazing images, yet also lasting friendships and memorable vacations, too!

We encourage you to check out our itineraries and register for a tour so that you too can find out for yourselves! Our promise to you is that we’ll simply work harder to provide you with more of what you want: second-to-none photographic opportunities, top notch instruction and development with your camera, a unique connection to the cultural and natural history of the amazing locations you visit, and a seamless travel experience alongside your small group of fellow travelers and photography enthusiasts.
TripAdvisor 5-Star Rating
Traveler's Choice Award

With a consistent 5-Star Rating on Trip Advisor – Backcountry Journeys offers a better photography workshop experience.

We set the bar high – But don’t just take it from us! Read past guest testimonials on Trip Advisor and see for yourself how Backcountry Journeys sets the gold standard for outdoor photography travel.

The following testimonials are directly from our TripAdvisor Page:
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“All the different aspects (of the trip) were extremely well thought out and planned… The locations picked were great, and the times planned for shooting guaranteed us the best light.”

“I came into this trip as a complete novice as I merely accompanied my spouse, who has developed a great interest in photography. I intended to simply enjoy the scenery and the hiking, with the hope to learn a few things about taking photos with my rented DSLR camera, which I had never used before. Due to the attentive and friendly instruction of our guides, I quickly became comfortable with the camera and learned much more than I dreamed possible about composition, use of the camera and even post-production techniques. I came away with an unexpected enjoyment of this hobby, which I hope to expand upon in future….an unanticipated and welcome outcome of this experience!”

 “People here seeing these photos are blown away. The look on their faces when they first see Bryce (Canyon), or the night shots are priceless!”

"I get very psyched and inspired and get some of my best images because of the experience, the people, and the locations. Not being anywhere as intimately knowledgeable of the parks, I prefer to have someone more knowledgeable leading the way. As much as I’d like to be, I’m not an independent explorer, so having someone there to get me out my comfort zone and experience these parks the way we did was great.”

“The overall experience was just wonderful and indeed very easy to enjoy. I really loved seeing the natural beauty of the two parks and particularly appreciated the care that was taken in selecting the specific photography sites. I also truly enjoyed the hikes, which were a fun highlight. I feel we were very lucky to have an easy-going and fun group of like-minded folks, both guides and other guests, which really enhanced the experience.”

“This was my first photography tour and I really didn’t know what to expect. It exceeded my expectations.”
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